Our Honeymoon

August 4-14, 2002

Our first stop was Orlando, Fl.

August 5, 2002


Disney World 

Each night ended with a very enjoyable, but very short firework display!


August 6, 2002


Universal Studios

This was still at Universal, it was preparing us for the next day!  It was a really cool little camera thing where you place your camera on this tripod and then went and stood on the X and there was a little thing that made it look as though you were standing under the space shuttle.  Very cool!


August 7, 2002

Kennedy Space Center



Our second stop, August 8th and 9th, were spent shopping in Ft. Lauderdale... no time for cameras.


Third and final stop: Freeport, Bahamas

August 10-13, 2002

We have arrived!!!



Take a close up of this one and just imagine their your feet and not mine!  Can you hear the sound of the ocean? Can you smell the salt from the sea water?  Can you feel the heat from the sun tanning your luscious brown body?  Ahhh, the beauty.  Oh, I so need to be there right now!


August 13, 2002

Time to go so soon!

Here we are taking our last view of the Bahaman islands as the sun sets on our journey back to   Ft. Lauderdale. 





Home Sweet Home