About Me

This is the page where you get to learn about me.  My likes and dislikes.  My strong points and my... not so strong points.J Boy I can just see the excitement on your faces.  Ok, I know that you are already going to learn a lot just by reading what I already have on the rest of my web page, but for the personality stuff that I miss, I am going to try to make up for here!  So hopefully by the time you finish browsing my web page you will know more about me then you knew before you got here!  So learn, learn, learn, because there's a test at the end... no no I'm just joking.  But in all seriousness, I really hope that my page will help you to get to know me better than you did before, or at least catch up!  Have fun!

Who I am:

    My name is Julia Suzanne Atherton, formerly known as Julia Suzanne Taylor.  I was born and raised in and around Wichita.  I have two wonderfully older sisters that also live in and around the Wichita area with their own families.  Our parents are the best anyone could ever ask for!  I personally think they did an excellent job of raising us three girls! 

    I am currently 24 years of age, as of August 11, orienting at Wesley ER as a RN.  Joel and I are making our home in west Wichita and enjoying all that life has to offer us as the newly (almost 4 year) married couple that we are!

My Personality:

    For those of you who care, I am a Leo, so read me as you want with that... read, but don't judge!  I am a very out going individual with lots to say.  I am a good listener and loyal friend. I don't mind saying what's on my, mind most of the time, but when I do I still take others feeling into consideration prior to voicing my opinion!  I am stubborn sometimes and picky always!  My favorite pass time is hanging out with my husband, friends, or my family!  I carry very high opinions about those I love.  I feel as though it should always be God first and family next!  I am happy, go-lucky.  Spontaneous, yet organized!  I like all my ducks in a row and I like to get my way.  I am willing to take chances, at the cost of no one.  I love making strangers smile, especially when they look as though they have never done it before!  I try to be funny with serious stuff and serious with funny stuff, but I know there's a time for everything!  I want to please everyone.  I like making everyone laugh.  I love kids especially my nieces and nephew! 


Likes and Dislikes:


My Husband

My Family & Friends

Watching my nieces & nephew


I Love Kids

Hanging with my my sisters and my girls

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Pasta & Potato's

Chocolate & Shopping, what girl doesn't!

Cheesecake, Ice Cream, & Custard, three of my favorite C's!

Health, what a good follower, huh?!?



Going out to the movies

Roses and Gerber Daisy's

The Song "The Rose", just "good" music in general

Most people

Traveling, even though I get a little motion sick sometimes.

Helping others

Meeting new, interesting people

I love talking, go figure!

New, fun challenges


I love making people laugh and smile!

I loved my wedding

Discussing my beliefs and opinions with others

All the thrills that life has to offer!




When people who smoke, smoke around others who don't without asking if it's ok first.  Especially doing it around children... period!  That's just disrespectful and selfish!

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Nuts, in general


Most pies & all cakes, except cheesecakes!

Rude or ignorant people

Conceited, selfish people


Other cars on the road when I am trying to drive!

Stupid people who don't bother buckling up their kids and especially those who think that babies are ok if they are held in the car instead of put in their car seats!  Don't people know the rules or do they even care? Ahhh!

I despise bad role models! 

Dirty despicable songs

Eminem!!! YUCK< YUCK< YUCK, talk about role a BAD model!

Ok, I think that'll do it for now!















Strength's and Weaknesses:

    Ok, some of my strengths.  Well, I feel as though I am a well rounded individual.  I am friendly and can make friends easily.  I make a loyal, dedicated friend.  My ear and shoulder are always here!  I am out going.  I'll take chances when I need to!  I will always stick up for what is right!!  Spiritually, there's always room for growth, but I feel as though with each day comes new beginnings for me to become closer and closer to Jesus!  I love being loved, but I especially love giving it!  I am confident about who I am, most days.  I think I will make a good mother to our babies.  I deal well with children, they are one of my passions!  I like school.  I want to help others to the best of my abilities!  I have a good sense of humor.  I can burp with the best of them (notice this is in my strengths)!  My life is pretty much an open book!


      My not-so-strong points.  Well, I tend to judge people I don't know too often!  I analysis too much!  I have a tad bit of road rage!JJ I can talk too much, sometimes... be nice!  I seem to speak before thinking more often than not!  I am somewhat anal, hehehe!  I am an interrupter.  I can't sit still for long periods of time!  I think too much about what others think.  I talk too fast sometimes that I tend to forget what.... DOH!  Just joking, I tend to forget what I am saying or what my point is!  I always want to tell my opinion.  I know it's hard to imagine, but I can be too loud sometimes... again, be nice!  Ok, I think I'll stop there, I may start getting depressed!JJ 


"Ok, I hope you've enjoyed yourself as much as I have and maybe even learned something you didn't know before!  Have fun with the rest of your visit!"





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