August 3, 2002

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Atherton

Welcome to our on line wedding album!  This was made especially for those who were unable to attend my and Joel's special day and also, for those of you who were there, just to reminisce.  Enjoy!

The Before Shots





My Bridesmaid's

From left to right is Amber, Kelli, Janell and Jennifer, my Matron's of Honor, Tiffany, Amy, and Kirsten, the flower girl.

Joel's Groomsmen

Starting at the left is Dale, Andy, James, Loren the Best Man, Justin, and Steve.



The Kid's

Kirsten, the Flower Girl

Nicolas, the Ring Barer

Lindsey, the Honorary Flower Girl


The Ceremony

"Da da dada, here comes the bride!"



Exchanging of the rings

"You may kiss the bride"


"WooHoo we're married"



Off We Go!!!



The sign says it all!






**Most wedding photo's compliments of Taylor Photography!**