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This is my family.  Starting from the left we have my brother-in-law Neal and my sister Janell holding their, at the time, 8 month old daughter, Alexis.  Then my dad and mom.  Dad is holding Lindsey, age 2 and mom is holding Roman, age almost 5 months.  And above them are Joel and I.  And lastly is my brother-in-law Jayson and my sister Jennifer.  Jennifer is holding their, 6 year old, daughter Kirsten and Nicolas age 4 years old.    Aren't they wonderful!



This is my other family.  The "In-Law's"!  I love them all!  From the left, again, we have Joel's sister, Amy, and her fiancÚ Robert Noland, then Joel and I, and lastly, we come to Terry and Hazel, Joel's mom and dad.  This was a picture taken this past year also and I bet you can't guess where it was taken from???  No silly, it was our wedding!! J


My Bragg Book



This is Kirsten Paige at 7 years old, Nicolas Isaac at age 5 years, and Roman Andrew at age 1 year.


This is Lindsey Noelle at 2 years old and Alexis Nicole at age 1 year!


Aren't they all the most beautiful things you've ever seen?!?



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