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This is Tiffany Kieso.  She is one of my longest friends and one of my best!  I have known Tiff for about 16 years now.  WOW!  How time flies when your having fun!!



This is Amber Morris.  She is also one of my best friends.  I have known Amber for about 9 years now.  She's so sweet and SINGLE, guys any takers???  Just joking, you have to pass through my judgment first. 


This is Kelli Fewin, I call her "Kelti"!   She is so wonderful, I love her!  Kelli and I have known each other for about 8 years.  We were in school together from 7th through 12th, and then some!  We have many, many stories to share! Kelli just got married this past Sept. to Joe Phannensteil.  So now it's Kelti Phannensteil



This is, from left to right, Tiffany, Karla, me, and Elyse.  This was taken at a church convention in Kansas City.  Did anyone notice that big ole butt above our heads?  That's Micah, another one of those life long friends.  What that would actually be considered is probably more of a back side, because... THERE IS NO BUTT THERE!JJ




This is me, Amber, and Kendra Hughes.  This was taken at the bowling alley on a New Years eve a few years back.  Kendra is also a friend that I have know for years, and years, and more years!





This is my L.I.F.E. Watch group that I graduated with in 2000.  L.I.F.E. Watch is a Bible institute at our church, Valley Center Assembly of God. I graduated in summer of 2000 with from left again:  Megan, Jeremy, me, Chris, Julie, and on the bottom row is Jesse, or as I like to say, "Hesse"!



This is Amber, "messy"-Blessy, me, and Brandi.  We met and worked together when I was an employee at Kohl's Dept. Store.  They are great!  This was taken one night when we all went out to watch Brandi's boyfriend play baseball at Lawrence Dumont Stadium.  We had so much fun!


This is another great pic.!  This is Tonya, me, Kelli, Blessy, and Rogie.  This was taken in the Arkansas River.  Every year us girls try to get out for at least a weekend, go somewhere away from everything, and be adventurous!  And that we did!  We went white water rafting at Noah's Ark down by Crested Butte in Colorado.  Oh my what a weekend that was!  Ahh, memories...



Now this one is just priceless. This is the scariest you'll ever see Amber... isn't she so cute.  You just want to pet her!!!J







This is me and Sara in Kansas City.  I have know Sara forever too.  It was taken on a mother daughter trip.  We are ice skating!






This is Micah again.  This was taken back in 1999 at his graduation party.  Ahhh, isn't that sweet.  He thinks he's dreaming. Open your eyes Micah,  I really am sitting on your lap!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Shew, that was a good one! 






This is Loren, one of Joel's best friends.  We call him "Beaver", it's a nick name that goes way back when Joel and Loren met in Sunday school, really!  It seems like I have known him for a long time, but in reality I have only known him for almost three years.  





This is me and Stephanie Ryel. Steph and I have known each other for like years and years now, probably about as long as Tiff and I! That's a long time. She has been a wonderful friend over the years and I am so glad to know that it will always be that way! She's so cute!





This is Igor, me, and Matthias. The picture was taken at our 1999 High School graduation from Faith.  Igor and Matthias were foreign exchange students.  Igor is from Brazil and Matthias is from Germany. We had so much fun with them!  They are so great!!  I miss them!



This is Alyse, Manuel, and I at the airport saying our farewell's to Manuel!  He was another foreign exchange student that was from our school.  He was from Germany also.  He was so sweet!  He's another one that I really miss keeping in touch with!






This is Stephanie and I at her wedding this January.  Her new married name is Mrs. Stephanie Dobbs.  She is so pretty!





Ok, now for those of you who have not appeared on my "friends" page yet.  I am still trying to get some pictures of people, so don't fret!  I will keep updating.  Some of you I have pictures with, but they are old and/ or embarrassing, so I am going to try to get  newer ones!  Ok that's it for now.  I'll stop boring you... you're suppose to say "This isn't boring, it's fun!"  That's better.



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