Traveling, what a wonderful thing!  Since schooling has taken up so much time over the past couple years, Joel and I have not been able to go many places!  Though we still look forward to going to Hawaii, California, New York and all those other wonderful in-state places, here are the places we have been in the last couple years...


In the United States:

Good ole' Kansas City, MO.  Joel and I have gone to Kansas City every year since we've been married around Christmas time.  It is very beautiful around that time and we have traditions that we like to do like: taking a carriage ride down-town around the beautiful lit up Plaza area, going to the Crown Center, eating at the Cheesecake Factory... you know important things like that :-)!  This is from December of 2004.


This is a guy at the Crown Center making fudge... mmmmmm.... fffffffuuuudddgggeeee!!!

 and then Joel and I on a carriage ride around the Plaze... he looks so enthused doesn't he?!?!? :-)


This year on the other hand, Joel decided that since this was a special year, he was going to give me my graduation and Christmas present all in one...... ONE TRIP TO LAS VEGAS THAT IS!!!!! 

Christmas in Las Vegas, oh what a site!  I was SO VERY EXCITED!!!!  And it was just as beautiful as I thought it would be!  Look for your self...







Though we haven't made it there yet, eventually we will get to see these world wonders...



                                      Eiffel Tower, France                          Colosseum, Rome



                              Pantheon, Rome                             Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain


Sydney Opera House, Australia


Taj Mahal, India


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