The Good Old Days

Ahh, the feel of no responsibility.  Me at my 8th or 9th birthday party!


Me and my snow "man" in Ohio City, Colorado.  Elk hunting season.


D.A.R.E. we were so proud. Me, Tiffany Dirks, Jessica Hensley, Shannon Williams, and Steph.


My grandparent's cabin in Colorado, where we normally go every summer!


Meshka was my Dalmatian puppy, that is now a dog!  The best dog ever!


My Sophomore year cheerleading picture at Faith Christian Academy.


Our high school talent contests, the YMCA.  That's Melissa, Kelli, me, and Darcy.


Nashville, Tennessee, one of our youth trips.  Melissa, Alyse, me, Karla, and Tiff.


My Senior year basket ball picture at Faith.


Tiff and I at "Spirit Week".  70's Day!


Me, Matthias, a foreign exchange student from Germany, and Kelli.  This was our Jr./Sr. banquet.


The graduating class of '99 at Faith Christian Academy.  A whopping 10 graduates!


Amber, me, and Nicole on our way home from NY, NY.  This was our last LIFE Watch outreach.




Finally, our official LIFE Watch graduation picture in June of 2000. From left to right and top to bottom, we have Chris, Andy and Sara the directors, Pastor Bobby and Pastor Mike, and Jeremy.  Then on the bottom row we have Megan, Jesse, Julie, and me. 



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