Allied Health

Department of Nursing

    After a long haul with getting my LPN in June of 2004, I was finally accepted into the on-line (Web CT) nursing program at Butler Community College that December!  January started off hard with a grim look from a D of my first exam.... I was horrified!  After buckling down and lots of hours of tears, gritting my teeth, and total exhaustion, I had passed my Psych and Critical Care 3rd semester at Butler. 

    I enjoyed the summer with catching up with friends and family, but was very eager to get started with my final semester of my student nurse career at Butler with learning the in's and out's of Chronic Health and Management.  Fall semester started out on the right foot and after a couple car poolings and a few friendships later, we had done it! December 15th, 2005 had finally arrived!!!

    I, Julia Atherton, have graduated!!!!!







                 As of July 2006, I began my 8 week orientation in the Labor and Delivery unit.  Since then I have been helping deliver an average of 500 beautiful babies a month!!!  It has been such a whirl wind, but I must say, I AM LOVING IT!!!  Just as I have always dreamed!!!  We just got word last week that we as a hospital alone delivered over 6,000 babies in 2006 alone.  We delivered more babies last year than any other hospital in a 13 state region!   WOW!  I am still occasionally working in the ER.  I try to go every month at least.  Christmas, of course, was crazy this year, working full time. 

You are probably wondering why I am doing both, well there is logic behind my idea.  I plan to work at the ER only PRN (a little less than part time), but enough to keep up my critical skills and also help them out a little with my newly found expertise in the delivery field when needed... because they love that area soooo much :-)!!!