My Childhood


This is me on my actual birth day!  August 11, 1981.  My very first picture.  See I was born photogenic, I'm waving at the camera!


Now on with the rest of my life...



This is a picture of Jennifer, my dad holding me, and Janell.  This was   probably taken a week or so after I was born!  Mom's behind the camera!







This is a picture of me taken at my first Christmas!  Can you see the excitement on my face, I'm ready for all the paper and boxes I can get my hands on!






This is my one year old picture!                                                                          









This is a picture of me over at my Grandma and Grandpa's house celebrating birthday's.  Guess I partied a little hard!









This is my second birthday picture.  I'm such a cheeser!                                         






This is Janell, my mom, Jennifer, and me around fall of 1983.  Dad was taking the picture!





This is me in the Spring of 84' I was  riding the fence!                                  







This is a picture of me in our old back yard in Park City holding our dog Sugar.  She was the cutest, smallest dog I have ever seen. She was a tea cup poodle.





This is at our church in VC, it was Christmas time.  This was the kids program for the youngsters!  Here you see, from left to right, Adrianne Ryel, Micah Schmidt, Me, Stephanie Salas, I'm not sure who the next kid is, then Kendra, then someone I don't know again, then Claire Cundiff. 





This is my five year old picture!  This is one of my mother's favorite pictures because of my hair.  It was literally down to my rear and it grew even longer until we chopped it a couple years later!







This is me that next Christmas in our churches annual Christmas play.  It was called Psalty, that's him standing behind me.  I took part in our churches Christmas plays until I was in 6th grade, I think!  We had a lot of fun back then!







This is a picture of Janell and I when we went with our mom to China to visit some friends of ours, the Ryels, they were doing missionary work there for a few years.  We had a great time and a very memorable one too!







The Good Ole Days

Life In It Self