Life In It Self


December 15th 2005, I officially graduated from the Community College Nursing Program!

I have been working in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Wesley since July 2006.  I am loving it!  I have made a whole new family up there, but I must say that they won't replace my old ER family!  I work in the ER occasionally, so I still try to keep up with everyone, but my main stay is in the hopping L&D (500 babies a month on avg.!!)!!!  I plan to work there full time till this July 2007, then take my place in the part time/ PRN world!  I love my job, but I'm no full timer!!  

This is a picture of Michelle, one of the best Unit Clerks ever, Libby, who is now a RN, and me, when I was working as a Nurse Tech (a position you can have when working and still in nursing school that allows you to do most nursing procedures).


On the end note here are some of my most recent "Life in it self" pictures that I have on hand!  As always, you can depend on me to continuously be updating!  Enjoy and I'll try to narrate to the best of my narrative abilities. 

I am still keeping up with my Pampered Chef business.  It never fails, when I think I am not going to qualify for the next month, someone calls and wants to do a show.  Obviously God still wants me in this business... probably so I don't go bankrupt trying to buy everything myself! :-)!!

This is me after the shopping spree in 2004.  In the background is the distribution center.  This was an AWESOME day!!


The BIG news from this year, was Joel's new adventure with a new travel company called World Ventures.  We have been so blessed by this company and have been able to enjoy some spectacular trips through it!  Here are some from our cruise this past September...

Our first day at sea... it was SO peaceful!!


This was our first stop... beautiful Jamaica!

The next day, we stopped on Grand Cayman Island, it was the clearest water we've seen since our honey moon!!

In Cozumel, MX we got to swim with the dolphins....  It was really cool!


This was one of our last nights on the boat... it really was a little sad to come back to real life!





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