Joel and Julia

               Welcome to my home page!  This is my own "home made" web page that I made so you all could come to learn more about me and my family... or Joel.

                Here are a few links you can go to in order to catch up on my life.  There are also a few memorabilia pages just for the fun of it and because I can!  If you have speakers turn them up so you can hear the perfectly picked songs for each link!JJ By the way, at the end of each link are links to the next page so that you don't have to keep coming back to the home page.  Also, it may take a few minutes for the pages to download with all of the pictures and songs and since all computer screens are different sizes, the pages may look a little off on your screen, so just be prepared!  I hope you have as much fun looking as I have had making! 


**Our Beginning: The Wedding and Honeymoon**

           Our Wedding               Our Reception                   Our Honeymoon


Home Sweet Home

          About Me                   My Family                 My Friends


Oh!  The Memories

              My Childhood      The Good Old Days     Life In It Self            


What My Future Holds

Nursing                     Babies                      Travel


Thanks for visiting my page!  Come back whenever you want, I will always be updating!

I hope you enjoyed it.  Please keep in touch!