Joel and I plan on waiting to have kids until I am finished or, at least, almost finished with school!  Hopefully that will just be in a couple of years.  We are very excited to start a family, but feel that it is best to wait until I finish my degree.  Then I will have all the time in the world to raise our 3 or so "angels"!   I plan on staying home to raise our family and working part time or PRN at the hospital.  If you want to see what our babies might look like here are a couple of Joel and my pictures when we were little.  See what you come up with and then when we do have a baby, you can find out how close you were.  I personally think we will have some of the cutest babies ever, not that I am bias or anything!!! JJ



  This is Joel when he was probably around 6 months or so.


  This is me probably right about the same age.


  This is Joel when he was around two years old.


 This is me when I was right around the same age.



So what do you think?  I knew you'd agree with me!JJJJ